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Bienvenue sur le nouveau site web du CPN Brabant

Notre association "Connaissance & Protection de la Nature du Brabant" vient de fêter son 25 ème anniversaire.

A cette occasion, nous avons décidé d'ouvrir un nouveau site web.
Celui-ci sera destiné aux jeunes, aux animateurs, aux enseignants, aux groupes de jeunes afin qu'ils soient sensibilisés à la protection de la Nature et à leurs habitants.
  • Il y aura des fichiers concernant la faune et la flore,
  • Des idées d'actions pour les établissements scolaires...
  • Chaque personne pourra donner son avis sur nos actions.
  • Des Animations Nature seront organisées.
  • Elles auront comme but de sensibiliser les élèves des établissements scolaires de la Région Bruxelles Capitale et du Brabant Wallon.
  • Des Stages Nature seront proposés aux jeunes pendant les congés scolaires.
  • Ils sont destinés aux jeunes de 8 à 16 ans.
  • Le Club CPN Brabant  est ouvert pour les jeunes de 7  à 16 ans.
Notre ancien site web sera destiné aux Adultes afin qu'ils participent activement à nos actions de terrain.
Notre association est membre de la FCPN.
J'espère pouvoir vous rencontrer à une de nos activités.
A bientôt.

Le Président

Denis Salmon
(site web en ligne depuis 2010)

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NATURE NEWS N° 68 - 21/12/2023 10:34 by denis_salmon

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It has helped many sports bettors earn large sums of money through each match. Participating in this type of odds, bettors predict which football team is strong and which is weak. Then they analyze and predict which team will win or if the match will end in a draw. Accurately reading the European Handicap in 2024 for newbies As we have just learned what the European Handicap is with 3 betting odds corresponding to the home team's result, draw, and away team's result. However, to understand how to read the European Handicap, bettors need to understand the odds and how they are represented on the odds board. Furthermore, with regards to reading the European Handicap, many players do not understand why the color red is listed above one team and below another. The red color indicates that one team is stronger than the other, highlighting the difference. Compared to the Asian Handicap, European Handicap betting differs in one aspect, the number of betting options, providing diversity for bettors when participating in betting. With the European Handicap, there are 3 basic betting options for bettors to choose from, specifically: 1: When bettors place a bet on the home team to win. X: Represents the result of both teams drawing. 2: Bettors choose the away team to win. Bettors can choose which odds correspond to the amount of capital they want to receive when they win. With the division into 3 scenarios, bettors have a chance to win up to 33.33%. This is a relatively high ratio for newcomers to football betting. However, to place effective bets, bettors need to know what the European Handicap is for each tournament and match. Effective European Handicap Betting Tips for Beginners Understanding the details of the European handicap betting, newcomers just need to add some betting tips website betting analysis techniques. 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Find out more : betting tips in telegram Conclusion Hopefully, through Wintips' article, beginners will have a specific understanding of what European handicap betting is. It can be seen that European handicap betting is not difficult for bettors with just a little analysis and understanding of the odds. With that, they can make accurate choices and enjoy entertaining moments full of excitement. ...
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 Understanding how to read football odds and watching live football matches is crucial for those who want to win bets, but not every bettor is aware of this. Through this article from the bookmaker Wintips betinum, you will be provided with various ways to accurately and effectively read football odds. Definition of football odds - explaining football odds Football odds involve predicting the outcome of a football match before it concludes. Football odds are numerical ratios provided by bookmakers to offer information to players about the competing teams, indicating which team is stronger, which is weaker, and the corresponding payout odds for each outcome. These details help players make more informed betting choices. Information about the participating teams is provided before the match begins and is supplied by the chosen bookmaker. Typically, this information is based on the teams' match history, allowing bettors to gain a better understanding of the team they are considering for their bet and to accurately analyze football odds for each type of betting option. In summary, football odds represent the ratio between two teams facing each other in a match where the player is placing a bet. Several detailed ways to read football odds online Currently, there are a total of 12 different types of football odds, and the method of reading football odds varies for each type. Among the 12 ways to read odds for these 12 types, the most popular and widely favored are the methods of reading European handicap odds, Asian handicap odds, and over-under odds in sports betting at tips win. You can refer to the information below to choose the reading method that suits you best. How to read Asian handicap football odds How to read Asian handicap football odds, also known as handicap or Handicap odds. Currently, there are a total of 6 ways to read handicap odds with various handicap ratios for you to choose from. Standard and detailed guide to reading European handicap football odds In this handicap, bettors choose the team they predict will win the match. For matches with a draw no bet handicap, there are three possible outcomes: the team chosen wins, the team chosen loses, or the match ends in a draw. In the case of a draw, the bookmaker refunds the bet. How to read over-under football odds In this handicap, bettors choose the team they predict will win the match. For matches with a draw no bet handicap, there are three possible outcomes: the team chosen wins, the team chosen loses, or the match ends in a draw. In the case of a draw, the bookmaker refunds the bet. Draw no bet odds 0-0 With this handicap, bettors will only place their bets on the team they predict will win the match. For matches with a draw no bet handicap, there are three possible outcomes: the team chosen wins, the team chosen loses, and finally, a draw. In the case of a draw, the bookmaker refunds the bet to the bettor. Draw and handicap 1 goal If you place a bet on this handicap, it means you are betting according to the rule that the upper team is favored to win by more than 1 goal against the lower team. In the event that the handicapped team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, the bettor selecting the upper handicap wins. Conversely, the upper handicap loses if the handicapped team loses, wins by only 1 goal, or the match ends in a draw. Handicap ¼ or 0.25 goal When playing this handicap, those who choose the upper option will win if the handicapped team has a 1-goal advantage, and the upper team loses if the underdog team wins. If the two teams play to a draw, the winnings will be evenly split at a 50-50 ratio for both the upper and lower options. Handicap 1.25 goals This means the upper team is handicapping the lower team by 1.25 goals, expressed in odds like 1.25, 1-1.5, 1 ¼, or 1/1.5. The winning calculation is as follows: the upper option wins if the handicapped team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more, and the upper option loses if the handicapped team scores only 1 goal, draws, or loses. Half-goal handicap The rule is quite similar to other handicap bets, with the only difference being the handicap ratio. In this case, the upper option wins if the handicapped team scores a goal with a 1-goal difference, while the lower option wins if the handicapped team loses or draws. Reading odds ¾ or odds 0.75 This is a standard calculation for a handicap where the upper team gives a handicap of ¾ goal to the lower team. If the handicapped team home win prediction by a margin of 1 goal or more, the upper team wins; in the case of a loss or draw, the lower team wins the bet. How to read European football odds accurately and in detail Reading European football odds is generally much simpler compared to the method used by our Asian counterparts. You won't have to think too much about handicap odds as in Asian odds; instead, you just need to focus on the result of the match after the official 90 minutes of play for both teams. For European football odds, bookmakers will provide you with three options to place your bet: win, lose, and draw. All you need to do is choose one of the three odds offered by the bookmaker and place your bet. There are two types of European odds: half-time and full-time. This is one of the simplest ways to read odds because it doesn't require players to pay too much attention to the score; they just need to look at the overall result of the match after the official 90 minutes. Due to its simplicity, ease of understanding, and playability, this way of reading odds is very suitable for those who are just starting to enter the world of betting. When reading European odds, the betting odds will be written under the 1×2 column (1 is the symbol for the home team, x is the symbol for a draw, 2 is the symbol for the away team), with the name of the home team written above, the name of the away team written below, and "draw" placed in the third row. The reading of European odds is as follows: the bookmaker provides three odds corresponding to the three cases of the home team winning, losing, and drawing. The amount you win depends on the odds you choose to bet on. Because the odds are split corresponding to the three possible outcomes, your betting success rate will increase to 33.3%, a very high winning rate suitable for beginners. Additionally, to achieve the highest betting efficiency, you need to learn more about how to read odds for each season and individual matches. How to read over-under football odds How to read over-under football odds, according to the over-under rules, is generally quite complex, so it's essential to understand the rules to choose the appropriate betting odds. Over 1.5 goals This is an over-under bet with odds of 1:½ or 1.5. For this type of bet, if the match has 1 goal or no goals scored, the Under option wins. If there are 2 or more goals scored, then the Over option wins. Over 1.75 goals The winnings for this bet are calculated as follows: If the total number of goals in the match is 1 or 0, the Under option wins. If the total is 2 goals, the Under option loses half the stake. If there are 3 or more goals, the Over option wins, and if there are exactly 2 goals, the Over option loses half the stake. Over 2 goals The Under option wins if the match has a total of 2 or fewer goals. Conversely, the Under option loses if there are 3 or more goals, and the winnings go to the Over option. Over 2.25 goals There are two possible outcomes for this odds ratio. In the first case, if there is 1 goal or no goals scored in the match, the Under option wins. If there are 2 goals, the Under option wins half the stake. In the second case, if there are 3 or more goals, the Over option wins, and if there are exactly 2 goals, the Over option loses half the stake. Over 3 goals For this odds ratio, there are three possible outcomes. First, if the total number of goals is 3, both the Over and Under options win. Second, if there are fewer than 3 goals, the Under option wins. Third, if there are more than 3 goals, the Over option wins. >> Explore further: Guide for Newcomers on bk8 deposit Conclusion Above are some of the most effective and popular ways to read football odds currently. Hopefully, this information will provide additional knowledge for you about the concept of football odds and how to interpret them. ...
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